Griffon Courtyard

With the new semester in full swing, various entities around campus have begun implementing several projects. One such plan is the construction of the Griffon Courtyard by Vice President of Finance and Administration, Darrell Morrison. Morrison shared his plan for the courtyard which will be located in front of the Eder building.

"The Griffon Courtyard is just going to be what I would term when better times come, a hangout spot," Morrison said. "Basically, it is something to make our campus more appealing. It will have benches around it, and will just be a place for people to sit in the sun and relax."

The Griffon Courtyard will be replacing the Missouri Western Fountain, a decision based on finances. According to Mr. Morrison, the fountain, was going to cost the university roughly $75,000 to keep running. Furthermore, the old fountain was only available for operation seven months out of the year. 

"We'll have one day in January or something, and somebody can enjoy it whereas the [fountain] would just be covered and closed," Morrison continued. 

The Griffon Courtyard is expected to reach completion before the fall semester.

In addition to the Griffon Courtyard project, Missouri Western's Executive Director of Advancement and Alumni Relations, Kim Weedle, is working on the Victory Plaza Brick Campaign, a pathway in which students and members of the community can purchase a brick that would remain on campus forever. 

"We were trying to do something to kind of help with a little bit of tradition and give people a chance to have a permanent fixture on campus with their bricks," Weedle said. "Being able to personalize that and memorialize someone that they want to remember."

Bricks are available in two sizes, 4x8 and 8x8, run at $150 and $250 apiece and are being sold on a first come first serve basis. Currently, there are approximately 68 bricks in a 4x8 left for purchase with minimal availability for 8x8 bricks. It is important to note that while bricks are available for purchase, it will be several months before installation occurs. Those looking to buy a brick or desire additional information will find it at

Anyone interested in viewing the Brick Plaza will find it between the Griffon Sports Complex and Spratt Stadium. All money garnered through the Victory Brick Plaza Campaign will be used for the campaign itself as well as various other sports-related ventures throughout campus.

Allyah Dalen is a Pre-Nursing student at the university and shared her thoughts on the creation of the Victory Plaza Brick Campaign.

 "I think it's cool that alumni or people that were impacted by Missouri Western can leave a mark on the place that left a mark on them."

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