A new year brings new changes to the Missouri Western campus and administration believes these changes will be exciting by offering better campus navigation and enhancing student experiences.

These changes include moving many administration offices such as the International Center, Career Services and the bookstore.

According to President Matt Wilson, the campus modifications have been made with the best interest of the students in mind. 

“As we look at different ways to serve current students, and then also attract prospective students to our campus, it's always good to take a fresh look,” Wilson said.

Vice President of Student Affairs Shana Meyer explained some of the location changes. Career Development has moved to the second floor of Blum in place of the International Center. The Global Center, previously known as the International Center, has moved to Eder Hall and is now part of admissions. 

In addition to several location changes, administration is rolling out new features on campus such as an alumni focused area in Spratt Hall. It will include a new reception area to welcome alumni, as well as alumni marketing and communications services.  

Secondly, the new Center for Service will be located in the former career services location in Eder. Center for Service will provide access to resources for students to partake in community service to earn academic credit at no cost. 

The university's Global Center will have a new and improved dynamic and will be located in Eder as well. Wilson highlighted features such as enhanced staffing, experienced international recruiters and opportunities for local students to engage globally. 

Meyer described the campus as a Tetris puzzle and the university is working to see where things fit best. 

Blum is a key piece to that puzzle and the overall strategy is to increase foot traffic and provide opportunities for student engagement. With many services relocating to Blum, as well as eSports taking place of the bookstore, accessibility will increase for students in the heart of campus. 

“Putting eSports in the union is vibrant and this dynamic is fresh and creative and then continues by explaining that the bookstore is underutilized,” Meyer said. “I mean, we're constantly looking for ways to make the space more vibrant and have more activities and opportunities in that space as well.”

Administration is going to keep students updated about current and future location changes by sending regular email alerts, offering town hall meetings for students and updating signage and website maps. For assistance or questions refer to the Missouri Western website

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