On July 9-13th, Missouri Western State University Theater, Cinema and Dance students descended upon St. Joseph to create a student-written short film titled “The Eclipse”. After many weeks of pre-production, the students took four days to shoot the film in various locations around St. Joseph. Currently in post production, the intent of the film is for submission into local and regional film festivals, as well as raise awareness for students’ abilities and professionalism.

It has given students the opportunity to receive professional experience for their selected career path and interact with professional members of the local film industry.

“The Eclipse” is a post-apocalyptic short that is set after the collapse of the ozone layer. Humanity has to come together to survive the blinding, blistering sunlight that rules their world. Kass, a young scavenger, must travel across this hostile wasteland to repair a broken water and electrical systems that her community relies on to survive.

The film was written by cinema student, James Theriac. Students served as producers, audio, grip, electrics, production assistants, location scouts, production assistants and costume/makeup designers for the production. Executive producer was department chair Jeff Stover and produced/directed by department faculty member Toby Lawrence, with incoming departmental professor, Thomas Brecheisen serving as supervisor for the visual effects of the film. Students were fortunate to work alongside cinematographer Jason Cantu, an industry professional with over 20 years of experience creating music videos, commercials and short films.

Various locations were used, including the St. Joseph Power and Light building and the historic Calvary Church. The film serves as an applied learning experience and opens and expands avenues for student productions in the future.

Expect to see a sneak preview of the film in the fall of 2018.

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