International Student Services can expect a four percent increase in funding for the 2016-2017 academic year after reappropriation of the Student Government Association budget. 

Assistant Director of International Recruitment and Student Services Fumi Cheever is pleased with the additional funding for international student programming.

“In the past, we didn’t have solid programming funding, so we have been asking for co-sponsorship from different offices on campus, and it has been a little bit challenging, because we have to make sure to have a co-sponsorship in order to do the events,” Cheever said.

The additional funding will primarily go towards cultural educational programs and events that are open to all students.

“Because we are getting SGA money, which is my understanding, that the programs we are going to provide will be going towards not just international students, but going towards every other student and the local community. Everything that comes from SGA should be made available for all students, not just international students,” Cheever said. “We are looking forward to having more events coming in. This is very important for our international student community, and to educate the local community.”

Student Government Association President Ida Haefner hopes that the shift in funding will help rectify the lack of funding for ISS.

“International Student Services doesn’t really get much funding from the university itself. Within our bylaws and our constitution through the SDLP [Student Development Leadership Program] funds, they are supposed to be funded by us, but yet we don’t, so we have been trying to rectify this,” Haefner said.

The funding is expected to be increased in the 2016-2017 academic year by taking the two percent decrease from both the Center for Multicultural Education and the Center for Student Involvement to provide a four percent increase in funding for International Student Services.

“When we were looking to do this in August, the CME and CSI had already budgeted for the year, so this will take place next year, in the 2017 administration,” Haefner said.  

Thirty percent of the additional funds will go towards student employment in the International Students Services office and the remaining funds will go towards bringing cultural awareness programs to campus throughout the year.

SGA Vice President Brad Stanton clarifies the university will be responsible for the recruitment of international students, while SGA will be funding the programs hosted by International Student Services.

“Generally, the money from the university is for international recruitment, and once we actually get international students on campus. International Student Services, what puts on the programs and events, gets very little to no university funds, so we are providing funds for services, the programs and events, and the university is maintaining the recruitment side of things,” Stanton said.

The International Student Services will be putting on a variety of programs throughout February, including the Hot Topic Series, ‘A Day with an Accent’, which will be Feb. 18 at 4 p.m. in Spratt 203.

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