Missouri Western may be expanding its Master of Applied Science in Assessment degree program.

Western may add an Engineering Technology Management option and a Teachers of English to Speakers of other Languages option, in which students can earn English Language Learners (ELL) certification.

“It has not been passed yet,” said Kay Dickerson, part of the ESL/TESOL program. “(But) it does have the Missouri ESOL certification. It is also available in the undergraduate level.”

The purpose of the TESOL option is to prepare individuals “to teach, support and otherwise assist English Language learners or those for whom English is not their native language,” according to the brochure. “It is designed for teachers of all levels and all disciplines. It also serves professionals who work with organizations whose mission includes assessing and improving English skills among non-native speakers.”

TESOL option core courses include Methods of Teaching Second Language Students, Second Language Acquisition, Materials and Assessment for TESOL, Language and Culture and Research in ELL. Each of these is available online.

The TESOL certification courses include Second Language Acquisition, Methods of Teaching Second Language Students, Materials and Assessment for TESOL, Language and Culture, Research in ELL, Linguistics and ELL Practicum, which add up to the required total of 21 credit hours. Each of these courses—except for the practicum—is available online.

Students with additional questions about this program can contact Stacy Turner at 816-271-4109 or turner@missouriwestern.edu.

The degree in Engineering Technology Management is also pending approval from the Department of Higher Education.

“The proposal has been approved by the Graduate Council at MWSU,” said George Yang, professor and chair for the department of Engineering Technology. “It is now pending approval at DHE.”

He said this degree option should start this fall, and will hopefully be approved by the end of this month.

“(The option) consists of 33 graduate credit hours. Eighteen are so-called ‘management’ core. Fifteen are graduate core,” Yang said.

According to the proposal, graduates of this option in the MAS program are expected to fill positions such as assembly line supervisor, job supervisor, shift supervisor, maintenance manager, shop manager, plant manager, group leader and project leader.

Major courses related to management in ET undergraduate programs consist of CET 360, construction management and EGT 370, financial aspects of engineering projects.

“This is an enhancement of the Engineering Technology undergraduate programs. Our undergraduate students have the pre-exposure to some management courses, for an example, in MET 112 we talk about shop-floor management, and inventory control,” stated the proposal compiled by Dr. Yang.

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