As was the case with last semester, there has been a significant increase in Missouri Western housing numbers for the spring semester of 2008.

Approximately 100 more students than last spring reside on Western’s campus.

According to Michael Speros, director of residential life, very few students move off campus from fall to spring.

“99 percent of residents usually fill out a yearly contract, therefore they are bound by the terms and conditions of the contract,â€Â Speros said. “We do have a number of students who don’t return from fall to spring based on graduation, financial reasons, transferring, etc., but very few move off campus.â€Â

Speros said there are currently 930 students living on campus. In the fall of 2006, Western had approximately 945 residents, and in the fall of 2007, there were 1,064.

 Therefore, there has been an increase of 119 residents since last year during the fall semester.

Last spring, approximately 835 students inhabited Western’s campus – this year, in 2008, there are 930 residents.

Consequently, there has been an increase of 95 residents since last year during the spring semester.

According to Speros, several matters are responsible for this increase. First of all, any student receiving over $2,500 in Western scholarships is required to live on campus.

 This is the case with sophomore Jason Barnett, who has lived on campus since his freshman year. “I currently am receiveing the Golden Griffon, which requires that I stay on campus,â€Â Barnett said.

 Along with scholarship issues, Speros believes the recent building renovations may have played a part in the increase.“We have created super singles and some private baths in the halls thus enticing upper class students to remain living on campus,â€Â Speros said. “We have an upper class area just for juniors and seniors (Beshears).â€ÂAnother issue that may have played a part in the increase of residents is the fact that Western has worked with ARAMARK to form a number of meal plans that students favor more based on their flexibility. For student convenience, a computer lab has been added to each building, whereas it used to be that Vaselakos was the only building that had one.

 A bigger issue is the fact that Western has made security changes to its buildings is the fact that Westernhas made security changes to its buildings by adding cameras and a night security program, and keeping the outside doors locked.

 Speros thinks that overall, studentsenjoy Western’s campus life. “I believe many students enjoy the convenience of staying on campus,â€Â

Speros said. “We have made a number of changes that have increased student satisfaction.â€Â

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