Luke Armstrong

Luke Armstrong holds a box of supplies to be donated to the St. Joseph school district.

Griffons show support for St. Joseph school district with this week’s school drive.

The Missouri Western State University community was given the opportunity to donate school supplies that will be spread around the St. Joseph school district. The opportunity was given through the organization Griff's Give Back. They are a volunteer group formed by the Student Government Association and are in charge of creating volunteer and philanthropy activities for students to get involved in.

Luke Armstrong is the director of Griff's Give Back. His job is to come up with events and go through the process of getting them approved. This was his first year as director for Griff's Give Back, making this school drive one of his first events.

“So like, say we need a campus cleanup,” Armstrong said.  “I would set that up, go through the process of getting it approved, talking to the student organizations or talking with our director of Student Involvement who then would talk to the student organizations."

The drive took over a month to be planned out. People donated items through different departments all over campus. This was to make sure that the donations were being supervised at all times so no items would get taken. Armstrong is unaware of how many professors or students donated but is very grateful for the items received with 4,751 items being collected in total. 

“We got everything from books to pencils to rulers to crayons and there's a wild grab of stuff,” said Armstrong. “It's all gonna go straight to the schools.”

Zeta Novak is a sophomore student studying fine arts here at Missouri Western. She has heard of Griff's Give Back but was unaware of this week’s drive so she didn’t participate. She has donated to other charity opportunities in the past. 

“I didn’t donate to the Griffon donate thing but I have donated some money, blood, clothes, stuff like that," Novak said.

The news for the drive was given on social media but Armstrong mentioned that some of the promotional material didn’t get put up, resulting in some students like Novak not realizing the drive was happening.  

“It was on me that we didn't get some promotional materials up before the drop happened because I was a little late on that,” Armstrong said.

For future events Armstrong advised that a focus should be to “just make sure people know about it before it happens, and when it happens.”

One of the things Armstrong plans to do differently for the next event is getting more exposure out to the community. 

Students can find out more information about Griff's Give Back at or can contact Armstrong directly at Students can also visit his office in Blum 212 between 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.

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