Global Flags

Flags decorate the first floor of Eder hall, the location of the Global Center which was officially opened on Feb. 18.

In hopes of increasing the number of international students in the coming years, Missouri Western State University opened the Global Center on Tuesday, Feb. 18, in Eder Hall. 

For the opening, Missouri Western President Matthew Wilson gave a speech about the importance of international programs and students at MWSU. Then faculty members Fumi Cheever, Tina Washburn and John Hewitt were introduced, all of whom are involved with the international students and the Global Center. Lastly, Wilson and associated faculty cut the ribbon to officially open the Global Center.

The Global Center was created in the hopes of bringing all of the international programs together in one place. These programs include international student services, international admissions and study abroad programs. The Global Center is also a place for international students to go and hang out, relax and connect with each other.

While Adel Gadi, a French international student at Missouri Western, will miss the International Center, he is looking forward to the new Global Center.

“At first I was a bit sad because it was everything I knew and that was about to change, but now that I see what the result is, I am happy for it,” Gadi said. “It’s not about being a griffon, it’s being international as a griffon at Missouri Western State University.”

President of the Student Government Association Engoma Fataki remembers what the International Center did for him as a new student with an international background.

“When I came here I tried to find what was the International Center to connect with them. They created a sense of community to me,” Fataki said. “They created a place where I can just go and talk with people. I got to meet people with the same background as me, so it really boosted my confidence as well as the way that I think about the school.”

For international students, the Global Center will be a new place of comfort and understanding. It will be a place where students can be around other international students that understand the struggles of living in another country and being away from those they love. 

Associate Director of Enrollment Management and the Global Center JP Yates said that the Global Center should be the first thing that prospective and incoming students see when they enter Missouri Western.

“They literally sit in the chairs and get registered with our admissions coordinators right next to the Global Center so that they can see that it is a very international campus,” Yates said.

For more information about the Global Center, email or visit the office in Eder 101.

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