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Dillon Schreckler and Nathan Scott take turns speaking to the audience at the debate in Blum 220 on Monday, March 2.

After the primary debate and election held the last week of February,  presidential candidates Nathan Scott and Dillon Schreckler were once again put in the hot seat to answer students’ questions.

The general debate for the Student Government Association presidential and vice presidential candidates took place on Monday, March 2 in Blum Student Union. Both candidates were able to delve into the focus of their campaigns and reiterated their goals  in the case they are elected. 

Both candidates felt that the debate, while more heated than the primary, went smoothly.  

“I felt that it went absolutely amazing. I loved the vigor and the challenge that Mr. Scott brought to the debate, and it was awesome to go against him,” Schreckler said.

Despite some tension earlier in the campaign with both candidates having grievances filed against them, Scott and Schreckler were positive towards each other.

“I think overall it was a good debate, it was very civil, which is the most important part, especially seeing candidates with grievances,” said Scott.

Schreckler was found in violation of rule 14. D in the student code of conduct and general rules two and three of the election and campaigning rules. Scott was not found in violation of the code of conduct or election rules. There were a total of 13 grievances filed with 11 heard in hearings. 

With concerns about university funding, both candidates had different ideas about how they plan to handle the issue. According to Scott, the university is under strict orders to spend as little money as possible unless absolutely necessary.

“We are going to see soon the impacts this budget has had this year and it’s been a big challenge for this administration this year and it will be for next year,” Scott said. “SGA isn’t about what’s absolutely necessary. It’s about what students want. From us being able to have a cooperative relationship with the president we have actually been able to lessen those restrictions on us to continue to do work for students.”

Schreckler hopes to allow students and university organizations access to all funds possible. 

“Currently my hope is the fact that we are hopefully to not overspend but truly get to where we have spent out the max and given all of our funds to FOC that are allocated for it where student organizations can be able to actively get involved and take that money and have it," Schreckler said. “It's our job to make it possible where we give out every dollar we possibly can in that respect to those students and those organizations to benefit them.”

According to Schreckler, voters should focus on each campaign’s student focus.

“I think the biggest issues that voters need to be concerned about is which is the priority in which they are getting placed.”

Scott believes that no matter who becomes SGA president for the upcoming school year, there is a lot that can be done to further improve the university.

“Missouri Western does have a bright future, it’s just a rocky road to get there. We have to stay the course, we need to make sure we continue doing what we need to be doing.”

The general election will be held from Wednesday, March. 4 at 12:01 a.m. through Thursday, March. 5 at 11:59 p.m. The ballot may be found at


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