Missouri Western is known for many accomplishments and achievements. In December 2016, the university recognized a new SGA-funded program called GriffsGiveBack.

Missouri Western senior and GriffsGiveBack Director Brent Rosenauer says this program was recently created to not only help the St. Joseph and Missouri Western community, but also to also raise awareness within each group.

It all began when Rosenauer realized that there was not a consistent system for community services opportunities like he assumed there would be.

“GriffsGiveBack is simply a connection between the university, everyone here at Missouri Western and the community, and it just allows people, like students or employees or alumni, to give back to that community in a variety of different ways,” Rosenauer said.

The program started gaining notice after it brought clothing donation boxes onto campus. These containers, donated by Planet Aid, allow students to give away their old or unused clothing items to a non-profit organization.

This past weekend, GriffsGiveBack held their second event: a school-wide community service project. Close to 50 people were in attendance, and Rosenauer believes the project helped not only the university but also the students who participated.

“All 50 of those people that came out were extremely motivated and extremely excited to do something to help their community here at Missouri Western,” Rosenauer said. “I hope that anyone that comes out here today to volunteer gains a little bit more respect for this community.”

GriffsGiveBack plan to host an event like this at least once a month to give students some great opportunities to volunteer. Rosenauer says he hopes these events will teach anyone involved about respecting their campus environment.

“It’s really easy to drop some trash on the side of the road and the sidewalk and not really think about that, but going out and seeing just how much trash there really is kind of changes people’s mindset when it comes to that,” Rosenauer said. “I want people to develop that sense of respect, and then take that into their own community and push that respect on to other people.”

If you are interested in volunteering with GriffsGiveBack, you can visit their webpage at missouriwestern.edu/griffsgiveback or contact them by email at griffsgiveback@missouriwestern.edu.


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