The third annual Engineering Technology Awards Banquet took place in Spratt on March 25 in celebration of local businesses and Missouri Western students involved in the field.

Twelve tables of students and employees representing various businesses around Saint Joseph filled Spratt on Monday. Sponsors for the program at Missouri Western as well as some of their contributions to the Engineering Department were projected onto a board at the beginning of the event, along with the pictures of students receiving scholarships in the field for their involvement in the department.

“The Engineering Awards Banquet is a fundraising event that celebrates engineering technology,” Dr. Yang, professor and chair of the engineering department, said.  “It’s also a great opportunity for students to get to know the various businesses and industries around Saint Joseph.”

The banquet is also a way for professors at Missouri Western to improve their department. We invite professionals from the industry and incorporate any concerns they have concerning our classes and programs, Dr. Raheem, assistant professor at Missouri Western, said.

Alan Landes, co-chair of MWSU Engineering Technology Advancement Committee, opened the banquet with many compliments to the quality of Missouri Western students.

“The work ethic of students coming from this school is fantastic, making them great candidates for many of the jobs available to them in the future,” Landes said. “They have much more experience than schools that only focus on research.”

Landes also commented that though the different companies and businesses may work in different disciplines, the engineering technology program is what every one of them uses. It’s very important that we support the university in this regard, Landes said.

Ronald Auxier, another co-chair of the MWSU Engineering Technology Advancement Committee, presented the Student Excellence Award to Korbin Von Stentzsch, a junior at Missouri Western who came highly recommended by his professors and peers.

“I’d like to thank Missouri Western for this award,” Stentzsch said, “as well as the engineering department and the rest of the staff for reassuring me that I’m doing a good job.”

Auxier also presented the Community Excellence Award for a member in the engineering technology industry who had shown commitment to advancing the field while supporting Missouri Western in the process.

Dr. Raheem believes that these awards are incredible honors for both students and community members.

“Not only are they great for resumes; these awards come with the support of the entire staff in the engineering department, and will help students and community members distinguish themselves from the crowd,” Raheem said.

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