On Thursday Sept. 6, The Board of Governors held a meeting to discuss the search process of the next president of Missouri Western. Several staff members and administration were in attendance to listen and even give their own opinion highlighting who they want on the search list.

The Board of Governors consists of Chair David Liechti, Vice Chair Deborah J. Smith, SGA Student Governor Paul Granberry III, Alfred Purcell and Jennifer Dixon. Liechti’s original plan was to create a board composition of about 15 people. After hearing from staff members and administration, the search process has grown to nearly 20-23 people to assure that no group has been left out.

A major point of emphasis during the meeting was making sure community views and ideas are heard. The search will include people outside of Missouri Western walls as the St. Joseph area will be kept in the loop on such a big decision.

Board of Governors Chair David Liechti talked about the importance of getting everyone involved in the search.

“We want to make sure all the stakeholders that are interested in making the university go forward, we want to make sure they have a place at the table,” Liechti said. “I feel good about the people we asked. I feel good that people will be represented. We’re going to have the business community represented, and we’re going to have the school district connected to them. There will be different people that aren’t necessarily working at Missouri Western that will be involved in the process.”

Student Governor Paul Granberry III spoke on what he will be doing to get the students involved in the search.

“I will be calling on the SGA senate on whether to decide to form a committee for the students,” Granberry said. “It is just a committee I’m creating so that students can bring input. So, when I go to the actual committee I have the students’ needs and traits that they want in a president.”

Board Member Alfred Purcell talked about the board’s chances of concluding their search sometime in the March-April area of next spring.

“That is our desire,” Purcell said. “We plan it out… sometimes that game plan gets changed. We have to be really focused to make sure that there is a window of opportunity in terms of folks that are signing contracts with their current universities or whatever. We have to be very cognizant of the timeline that we’re going through to ensure that we do have someone identified when we narrow it down so we can extend a contract to that person.”

The Board of Governors will hold another meeting on Oct. 25 to discuss any updates on the search process.

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