Miss Pam

One thing that always helps you feel at home when you are away is a friendly smile. Even if you don’t know her, Miss Pam in the Missouri Western food court is always a friendly smile that every single guest can count on. 

Miss Pam has worked at the food court as a cashier for four full years now. She has met many people, ranging from all ages, careers and education types. Pam knows most of her customers by name and remembers them even after they are no longer seeing her every day for every meal. 

Throughout her time here, Pam has always kept up with the sports teams and athletes on their games and competitions. A lot of the football players feel as though Miss Pam is their grandma at school. Kobe Cummings says the fact that Pam always goes the extra mile for them means so much.

“Before every game she always tells us good luck and if she's going to be there or not,” Cummings said. “If she’s not there, you can guarantee that she's streaming it.”

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee at Missouri Western honors teachers and staff for a mentor award. Each sports team gets to honor someone they look up to and take them out on the court in the middle of a basketball game. Cummings said Miss Pam was the football team’s choice without hesitation. 

“My favorite thing about Miss Pam is her hugs,” Cummings said. “It reminds me of my grandma so much.”

Miss Pam didn’t know that so many students would feel this way about her when she came to Missouri Western. But now, she knows that everyone loves her, and she loves working here. 

“It just makes me happy,” Miss Pam said. 

Miss Pam’s younger sister works right down the hall and gets to see her every single day. Alicia Otto is the administrative coordinator for university advancement at Missouri Western. Otto said that it is nice having her sister down the hall and be able to keep an eye on her. 

“This is the perfect job for her. She gets to know everyone; she looks at your card, reads your name, and probably says it at least twice a visit.”

Otto says that she and her sister, Miss Pam, have an even better relationship with each other because they work so close together now. 

“She was a good big sister, still is,” Otto said. “What you see here is what she is as a sister.”

Before working at Missouri Western, Miss Pam had moved around the country from Kansas to California and back to Kansas. Miss Pam was a part of a bowling league and raised a family before she retired and decided to come to Missouri Western. 

Miss Pam loves meeting new people, so if you have never been to the food court and met Miss Pam, make your way in there for a guaranteed smile and laugh.

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