MWSU Spa Night

Grab a snack, some hand sanitizer and a face mask, because the Black Student Union had their first spa night on Wednesday. While it looked a bit different than they planned due to COVID-19, they made the best of it.

The night started out with some hand sanitizer and a snack before students found their seats while a variety of music played. Shortly after, students watched a YouTube video about how to properly wash your face. To finish the night with a prize, the BSU challenged students to a lively game of Kahoot.

Dr. Alexis Stephens, who has a private practice in south Florida, covered the importance of washing your face and how to correctly do so in a six minute video. After the video ended, everyone joined a Kahoot to try to win a spa package prize. Everyone who attended the spa night left with a face mask to do at home.

Carnisha Scott is the president of the Black Student Union on campus. She says COVID-19 has changed how often they have events.

“Twice a month would be the goal. Recently we’ve been trying to do one event once a month,” Scott said.

This was the BSU’s first spa night, and it looked a bit different than they had hoped.

“We haven’t actually done one before, but the spa night we imagined we would have actually done the face mask inside the room, maybe even like manicures and stuff. More ideal hands-on than just the game,” Scott said.

Mya Riley is a parliamentarian for the BSU, and she was happy with the turn out.

“This is our first event. I think it was a really good turn out for COVID being a part of it. If we could have been able to do more things, I feel like more people would have come,” Riley said.

The BSU does have more events planned that Missouri Western students could attend and participate in.

“Our next event is a Mental Health Awareness event on Oct. 13. We are going to partner with NAACP on campus,” Scott said. “Our next meeting is Oct. 6. It will also be Black Out Tuesday, we started a new thing this semester, so everybody wear all black. If you have us on social media, take a picture in your all black, and tag us!”

If students would like a reminder of these events, or to see when more events are happening with the BSU, follow them on social media!

“I post our different flyers on all of our social medias, we have Instagram and Snapchat. That’s

how you could hear about our event. We also have things published in the Griffon Post,” Riley said.

The BSU can be found on Instagram at mwsu_bsu20 and on snapchat as mwsu_bsu.


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