MWSU Library

The library is one of the most important places a college student has when it comes to studying and finding resources. The library here at Missouri Western has stepped up to make very important changes during the pandemic to ensure that students can still use the resources the library provides. 

Due to COVID-19, many students are not able to physically go to the library, so the library adapted. They have always had a chat option on the library homepage, but now it is being utilized when one leaves a study room and it needs to be cleaned. This new process eases the mind of students going to the study rooms to know that they are already cleaned prior to them being there. 

Sally Gibson is the director of the library and she has made sure that there are many measures put into place that ensure that everyone is able to be safe and healthy in the library. 

“We tweaked a couple of things,” Gibson said. “So that now you can get the same level of service even if you never step in.”

The library has also added a new extension that you can download to your laptop in order to access full-text resources. All you have to do is go to, install the extension, select Missouri Western State University and then search for the articles that you need. 

“I think the browser extension helps,” Gibson said. “No matter where you are or where you start it will point the library resources out.”

There will also be a color printer added soon to the library for student use, as well as a program to show what computers are in use so that one can physically distance and still use the school desktop. 

Rose Privett is a student worker in the library and like all of the library staff, is one of the ones cleaning and sanitizing after every student in the library. 

“After students leave the area they were in.” Privett said, “We immediately go clean the computer or table before the next student sits there.”

Privett states that knowing where the students have been and being able to clean and sanitize after someone leaves has bettered the library and it also shows them where students like to study and sit the most. 

Both Gibson and Privett explained that students are able to reserve the large study rooms as well. This way the library knows what larger groups have been in the room and it also ensures that everything is sanitized when a new set of students comes in. 

One other small but very considerate addition to the library that started last semester when campus got shut down was the fact that students will not be charged late fees on library books if campus is required to depopulate again. 

“We are here for any students and work to make sure that we are doing everything we can to contain the spread and keep ourselves and the students safe during these times," Privett said.

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