In March the coronavirus pandemic forced students out of their dorms and back home to complete the rest of their semester in an online or remote format.

With students stuck at home due to campus closures and shelter in place orders in some states, many students are currently suffering from a lack of motivation during this challenging time.

Sophomore Jayde Doporto says that being stuck inside has caused her to be less productive than usual.

“Yes, I feel like I am not doing as much,” Doporto said. “I feel like I sleep a lot more than usual.”

Like Doporto, freshman Caitlin Elsea shares the same feelings that the quarantine has resulted in her slacking in her schoolwork.

“As far as school goes, I do not believe I am able to do as much with the quarantine,” Elsea said. “The quarantine has given me the chance to spend some quality time with my family though.”

While school may be hard to keep up with at this time, Elsea shows that there are other things people can do to try and make the best of the quarantine.

Along with spending time with her family, Elsea also said she has been doing chores around the house to keep busy and remain productive during the quarantine. According to Elsea, cleaning prevents her from just laying around all day.

Another freshman, Jules Bowen-Smith, says that despite the quarantine, she has stayed on top of her schoolwork.

“I have been contacting my professors and doing what I can to keep my education going,” Bowen-Smith said. “I do my assignments and work more than when I was actually going to school.”

As for what keeps these students motivated to continue their schoolwork as well as other daily activities, they all mentioned thinking of the future.

For Doporto, she thinks more about the near future.

“Thinking about summer keeps me motivated,” Doporto said. “Thinking about how me staying indoors and not going out is boring right now but it will be worth it when this virus goes away.”

For Elsea, thinking about her future career has kept her motivated during quarantine.

“What really motivates me right now is the fact that I am a nursing major and nurses are really vital employees in times like this,” Elsea said. “I’m working hard in school so that one day I can be one of those heroes, especially if something like this were to ever happen again.”

Like Elsea, Bowen-Smith also thinks about the benefits staying motivated will have on her future.

“I think about the future I want to have and how I have to keep doing what I have been doing,” Bowen-Smith said. “It will benefit me and others later in life.”

Though times are tough now with the spread of COVID-19 and the quarantine, remember your goals and find new ways to keep you motivated through this time.


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