Ronnie Jordan

Missouri Western students showed out and had a wild time with guest comedian Ronnie Jordan.

Ronnie Jordan is a comedian known for his work writing on popular improv comedy show Wild ‘n’ Out. Additionally, Jordan has also written comedy for hip-hop artists Future and Drake and owns a clothing brand called Blessed AF.

Jordan’s performance caps Fright Week, the university’s terror-themed spirit week. Originally, Jordan’s appearance was left a mystery on the Fright Week flyer. Despite the mystery, Missouri Western students turned out for the stand-up show. 

Freshman Emma Muller, who attended the show along with many other Griffons, was surprised at the reveal. 

“I didn’t know he was a comedian for Wild ‘N’ Out,” Emma said. “I was really excited because I watched that show daily.” 

The Western Activities Council hosted an array of events last week, including a Kahoot competition, a movie night, and a Night of the Extremes. Along with the nightly activities, Griffons had the opportunity to dress according to the day’s theme. Missouri Western students wore Griffon gear, jerseys, wacky outfits and as twins. 

Many Griffons found his presence at the campus familiar. Jordan also performed at Missouri Western last year. President of the Western Activities Council Nah’ryan Reed-Crawford explains why some students experienced déjà vu. 

“We decided to bring Ronnie Jordan back because he did an amazing job at last year’s homecoming as an opener,” Reed-Crawford said. 

Reed-Crawford then explained that she received many positive reviews from students and that a few actually asked the university for him to return. 

“Listening to the student body, we brought him back, and it was a success,” Reed-Crawford said. 

Whilst following proper CDC guidelines, students filled Spratt 101 to view the comedian’s stand-up show. While Jordan’s performance at Missouri Western was an in-person event, the same cannot be said for many of his other performances. During the show, he joked about doing stand-up shows on Zoom. 

“I did a couple of Zoom college shows. Do you know how stupid I look sitting at my kitchen table?” Jordan asked, to which the audience responded with laughs. 

Jordan’s show was neither canceled nor moved online, and Missouri Western students abided by proper social distancing guidelines throughout his performance. Reed-Crawford explained the importance of in-person events at the college level. 

“I believe if there’s a will, there’s a way,” Reed-Crawford said. “Despite the crucial time we are in with COVID-19, I truly believe students, especially on campus college students, want to feel the experience as close as they can.” 

Mueller was excited that this event was held on campus despite the current pandemic. 

“I’m glad I got to be a part of it as a freshman this year,” Mueller said. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way Missouri Western arranges campus activities. Many have been canceled or temporarily moved onto Zoom or Google Meet. 

“In-person events should stay inclusive on campus because it’s worth the connection students get with one another,” Reed-Crawford said. 

While Jordan joked about being quarantined with family or with terrible roommates, Mueller explained that her favorite part of the show was completely different. 

“I like the political jokes because I’m a political person,” Mueller said.

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