“Wrap up in four comforters with frost bitten soul. Can nobody tell me this world aint cold, but there a lil boy who walks in silence.” These are the words of and inspirational MWSU Poet and Senior Grant Williams. As an Economics major Williams has used poetry to express and cope with many different issues and adversities.

Williams is from St. Louis and started attending MWSU in 2004. He chose to come to MWSU because he needed to get away from his hometown.

“I wanted to get away from St. Louis but I didn’t want to be to far away from my family,” Williams said.

He had an unfortunate set back, discovering that he had type 1 diabetes which made way to Williams leaving Western until he was able to gain more strength. He has since gained control over diabetes and found his true talent of poetry.

“It was very depressing at first and I had to lighten my class schedule.” Williams said. “I started using poetry as an outlet to deal with my stress.” Williams said.

Williams is 24 years old and has been expressing himself through poetry for approximately two and a half years. Williams is part of a four-member poetry group called Souls of Redemption. (S.O.R.). Williams original poet name was “Mindz 3y3z” but he changed it to “His Stori3” because he feels it better describes his style of poetry.

“I like to tell stories and paint portraits with my poetry,” Williams said. “I’m just trying to give people a little insight into my mind and the world and hopefully make a difference while doing it.”

Williams has a Facebook page containing approximately 30 poems. In addition to these poems, he has written over 120 poems.

“My poems tell about my life and different experiences. It’s not about money,” Williams said, “Poetry is the means to the truth.”

Friend of Williams and president of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, Michael Bennett, thinks that Williams has evolved as a poet and likes the style he has.

“He is one of the best that I’ve ever heard,” Bennett said, “ That dude is awesome.”

S.O.R. consists of Grant Williams (His Stori3), Greg Harris (Greg The Poet), Michael Bennett (Abissblyss), and Stacey Davis (Madern Prophet).

S.O.R. travels all over to attend poetry readings. They read at Fosters in downtown St. Joseph and recently took first place in a poetry competition held at Northwest Missouri State University. (NWMSU).

“We’re all aspiring artists trying to work on our craft” Williams said.

Marketing Major and member of S.O.R., Greg Harris AKA Greg the poet, reveals that Williams has a raw talent for the spoken word.

“Grant is a real humble and social person that gets along with everyone,” Harris said. Williams had his first poetry reading in Spratt Hall in 2008. Next semester, S.O.R. will be trying to combine poetry with theatre. The project is called poetry for play.

“We’re going to be writing scripts,” Williams said, “It’s a new writing experience for us. I really want to get recognized and become a renowned poet.”

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