The well-traveled and world-renowned photographers Deni and Will McIntyre visited Missouri Western this past week to photograph the new Walter Cronkite Memorial and give a presentation of their life’s work.

The dynamic McIntyre couple has been on the photography scene for decades now, traveling to 78 countries on six continents. Together they have photographed iconic landscapes from the other side of the globe, to ranches in our American back yard. The pair has been photographers during the technological revolution that we are still experiencing, and in this much change has come to their industry.

“There are professions now that didn’t even exist when we first started out, and one of them is ours.” Said Deni McIntyre.

Among the great changes that the photography world has seen in the past decades is the enormous switch from film to digital. The couple cited in their presentation that the Polaroid film that used to cost two dollars now costs almost twenty. Another advancement is the birth of motion photos opposed to the traditional still shots that they were trained for during college. The McIntyre’s said that they found themselves in the position of learning the new process and technology or perishing.

Deni McIntyre said how being a still photographer could be much more secluded and easier to work on your own, pointing out that some still photographers can be somewhat reclusive. With motion though the photographer is forced to work with others in the audio and postproduction, among other things.

Technological advancements in our society have also changed the way to get a job in photography.

“Back then to get a job you went to New York and went around with your big portfolio and tried to get an editor to see you. Now you don’t even see the editor.” Said Will McIntyre.

But the McIntyre’s were never slowed by the changes in their field. Recently they spent over a year shooting still and motion photographs on a ranch here in the states. They also took part in shooting motion for the restoration of a house from the 1700’s on the east coast.

When asked what their worst day on a job was they had a hard time recounting a single one but finally said, “When you haven’t understood exactly what your client wanted, that’s a bad day.”

For them though, bad days are far and few between. To add to an already impressive resume, the McIntyre’s have photographed Shaquille O’Neal and were requested by Oprah for a shoot. They have also written and publish several books, one of which being All Over the Map: Travel Photographs and the Stories Behind Them, which won the Photography Book of the Year Award.

They have worked for Time, Fortune, People, and Ebony magazines in the past and keep busy with their own personal projects as of late.

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