Students at Missouri Western came to Spratt Hall 214 on April 19 for a night of eating pancakes, playing with slime and playing Black Card Revoked, all while in their PJs. The event, meant as a fun way to relieve finals stress, was sponsored by the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. The event stated promptly at 7:08 p.m., or 19:08 in military time– the sorority, which was the first Greek-letter society established by African-American women, was founded in 1908, which gives the numbers a special meaning.

Alpha Kappa Alpha president Tannis Hamilton hoped the event served as a distraction from the fast-approaching finals week.

“Basically, it’s just an event for us to have people come out and enjoy breakfast food, we had a stress relief station cause finals are coming up,” Hamilton said. “Just a little something for finals to have fun and have everybody together.”

In addition to pancakes, eggs, hash browns and other breakfast staples, students could play a round of Black Card Revoked, a jeopardy-style game about Black popular culture, and make their own slime.

“I liked the Black Card Revoked jeopardy, it was really fun, I saw everybody get excited about playing it and the slime because it was just nice, everybody really enjoyed making different slimes,” Hamilton said.

Vice President Alexis Williams enjoyed how relaxed the event was and the opportunity it provided for students to not worry about school.

“I think seeing students come out and relax is great,” Williams said. “I think we have so many events or educational events, where we have to be serious, so I think it’s really fun to see students put on pajamas and relax and not think about anything.”

Western student Elijah Todd thought the night gave students a chance to come together and bond with each other.

“My favorite part is that it’s really just a successful outing,” Todd said. “People aren’t sitting down uncomfortable or nothing going on in there, it’s really about enjoying each others company, which I think is important at any event and very important for any event to be successful.”




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