Murder in Blum 207! WAC put on its first Murder Mystery night this week and it was a big hit. 21 students came out for food and fun.

If you have never heard of or been to a murder mystery night, it is very similar to the game Clue. Everyone plays the roll of a character and tries to figure out who the murderer is.

The theme for the WAC murder mystery was “Movie Stars.” The murder victim was Angel Woods, an up and coming actress who just landed the lead in the new movie “Fallen Angel.”

Chevy Ingebritson was in charge of putting this event together. The theme for the evening was one of many choices she found online.

Before putting it together she did some research to see what kinds of things were popular at other universities. She found out that murder mystery nights are very popular at other schools.

“I researched it and a lot of people went through They have different party packages and we bought and downloaded it online. There were like 200 pages and there were so many options we could have done with it. We could have had 60 more people participating with it,” Ingebritson said.

The website has different themes for mystery nights and each package has enough acting roles for 80 people.

Ingebritson hoped that the next time WAC puts this event on that they will have even more students join in the fun.

After Latoya Fitzpatrick entered the room yelling, “Oh my god they killed me!” the evening started with the character “Vanity Affairs” welcoming her guests to her grand party. The characters in attendance were movie stars, up and coming rappers, and casting directors.

The guests were all given envelopes with information pertaining to their character. Along with information, they were given $500 and were directed to use it in anyway they needed to in order to get information.

The goal of the night was to mingle with the other guests to ultimately discover and decide who the murderer was.

Once everyone had a chance to talk to the other characters, they were given a second envelope. It was a second set of instructions and objectives. Characters were advised to talk to other specific people in order to get incriminating information about the murderer.

When all of the objectives were completed, the guests were asked to cast their vote on who they believed was the murderer.

Also on the ballot was a space to vote for the best acting performance and how much money everyone had left. The person with the money and the best performance were awarded a certificate to honor their achievement.

Only one person guessed the murderer correctly, but a fun time was still had by all. Sonia Yang and Gabe Thomas both enjoyed the night and have had previous experience with murder mystery nights.

“It was fun, it reminded me a lot of high school because I did a lot of these in high school,” Thomas said.

Yang has gone to some of the local St. Joseph mystery nights.

“I went to the Robidoux Landing Play House Halloween one and it was a lot of fun, so I thought I would come to this one,” Yang said.

Natalie Miller also expressed that it was something she would like to do again.

“I thought it was a lot of fun and I would definitely do it again. It was a good way to see people you normally wouldn’t see on campus,” Miller said.

Ingebritson was very pleased with the way the night turned out.

“I think it went great. I was very impressed with the actors’ abilities to interact with each other, especially since they probably didn’t know each other,” Ingebritson said.

The next WAC event will be the Lip Sync Battle on April 12.

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