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Missouri Western now has a Philosophy Club.

Senior philosophy major Michael Smith is the acting president of the Philosophy Club. He said that the idea for a club had been there for awhile.

“What happened was Dr. DesAutels and I were bouncing the idea [of the philosophy club] around last semester,” Smith said. “Then, Dr. DesAutels was talking amongst some other philosophy majors about starting it. So then, I approached him with the ideas that I already had. He liked the way it was going, so we decided to forward with that- with Dr. DesAutels being our primary advisor and Dr. Costanzo being our secondary advisor.”

The Philosophy Club does have positions for students.

“We’re going to have a vice president, secretary, and things along those lines because we eventually want to fundraise to be able to help individuals with books for our reading as a club and for travel for things such as conferences that we all wish to go to, whether to observe or participate or anything along those lines,” Smith said.

Assistant Professor of Philosophy Lane DesAutels is one the Philosophy Club’s sponsors.

“I think that it’s an excellent opportunity to foster a sense of congeniality and cohesion among the philosophy majors. I think that will help [them] stick together and potentially recruit more folks,” DesAutels said.

Any student, including non-philosophy majors, can participate in the Philosophy Club.

“We encourage anybody who is interested in philosophy or any of the topics that we study in philosophy even if you’re not a major, you can still hang out with us,” DeAutels said.

Sophomore Leo Grantham, a religions and history major, is the vice president of the Philosophy Club.

He joined the Philosophy Club because it allows individuals such as himself and others to examine philological texts as well as participate in the club.

“One of the things I found interesting about it was that it is a space that was sophisticated to examining philological texts and ideas with people,” Grantham said.

The Philosophy Club has a excellent purpose according to Michael Smith.

“It’s to get together to create a better understanding of literature,” Smith said. “Specifically, we want to be able to all of us together and have  knowledgeable conferences [and] how to relate to that, and go forth with academic performance. Also, it’s fun to get together with people that have very similar thinking.”

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