Zoie Magic

Poetry and music are both beautiful artforms that take a lot of skill to write and perform. But as if either one wasn’t challenging enough, Zoie Magic decided to combine them into her own genre.

Zoie started writing poetry in elementary school and didn’t even notice it. In high school, she participated in a program that helped her learn how to make her own beats, but Zoie really started creating music freshman year of college. She was always a natural born artist.

“To me, music and poetry have always been an outlet,” Zoie said. “It’s how I express myself. It’s good therapy.” 

Zoie is a senior majoring in social work and minoring in cinema. When she isn’t studying, Zoie works with other artists on campus to connect and make music in studios. She hasn’t been as active during the pandemic, but anytime she can perform on campus, Zoie takes advantage of it.

Zoie’s music is captivating. Her performances sound like spoken word poetry, but flow with an unmistakable beat, almost like rap. She uses this intense rhythm to tackle heavy topics, such as racism and injustice. 

“The intention behind a big amount of my pieces is to create and inspire social change,” Zoie said.

From open mics to talent shows, Zoie has become a bit of a celebrity at Missouri Western. This last year, she stepped out of her comfort zone and participated in The Voice Western, a singing competition. The Voice Western really challenged Zoie to work on stage presence and voice. As a result, she now incorporates melodies into her music.

“I like performing at Missouri Western and getting recognition from my peers for my talents,” Zoie said. “Performing on campus also allows me to be in front of an audience with different backgrounds.”

Zoie couldn’t narrow her favorite artist down to just one, so she gave her holy trinity: Chance the Rapper, Smino and SZA.

“SZA says a lot and is very vulnerable in her writing,” Zoie said. “Chance the Rapper tells very specific, detailed stories, and he’s unique.”

Smino can’t fit in a specific genre, a problem that really resonates with Zoie. This is because she makes her music align with her lyrics, not the other way around. 

These artists give Zoie the confidence and inspiration she needs to be vulnerable in her lyrics and be her own person.

Janae Boykins is a close friend of Zoie and knows a lot about her drive and musical journey.

“My favorite thing about Zoie’s music style is how it’s constantly improving while staying in its own lane that she’s created,” Boykins said. “She’s inspired by others, but she never steals. Her music style is passionate and true to her.”

Boykins said that since she has known Zoie, she has always had multiple jobs and working on different projects because her drive is unmatched. 

“When you meet her, you know she’s someone who is going to make it big," Boykins said.

Manique Shannon-Burnett has known Zoie since the beginning of her college career. She worked on a Zoie Magic project and says she will never forget Zoie’s drive for what she loves: poetry.

“Her genuine authenticity and raw content can’t compete with others,” Shannon-Burnett said.

Zoie Magic can be found across the internet on any music platform you can think of, such as Apple Music, Spotify, Title, and SoundCloud. Her handle for every platform is @zoie.magic.

Be sure to attend the next campus open mic because you’ll definitely find Zoie Magic performing.

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