Nah-ryan Reed-Crawford

While walking through the buildings and sidewalks on the Missouri Western campus, you may not know who that person listening to AirPods really is. Maybe they can cook, dance, act or even sing.

For the case of Nah’ryan Reed-Crawford, her main talent is singing, and she’s been doing it since she was about four years old. Music is in her blood, coming down through the generations from her mother and grandmother.

From singing the national anthem at her high school’s sports games to singing in her everyday life as her past time, music is on her mind. Music is another part of what makes Reed-Crawford’s life feel complete.

While being a full-time student, Reed-Crawford is also successful in publishing her music on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon Music, iTunes, SoundCloud and even some international platforms.

“I think music is not always my outlet, but it is always the one thing that makes me happy and feel at peace,” Reed-Crawford said. “Music makes me feel like everything will be okay”.

Reed-Crawford is very busy at Missouri Western. In the spring of ’21, Reed-Crawford is graduating with two majors. She is also president of the Western Activities Council and Homecoming Steer Head two years in a row. Throughout all of that, music keeps her grounded.

Reed-Crawford would like to go on tour within the next few years and have music as her main career on top of all of the other career opportunities she has made for herself at Missouri Western.

Darius Wherry works with Reed-Crawford as the vice president of the Western Activities Council and looks at her as a mentor. Wherry says that Reed-Crawford has a distinguished style of music and lyrics that suck you into the song.

“The way she makes you feel everything with her words makes her style intoxicating,” Wherry said. “Every note, every cadence is felt in the spirit. Her music is like food for the soul.”

You can stream all of Reed-Crawford’s music on any of the platforms mentioned above by searching @Nah’Ryan Symone.

Myia Kelly said that Reed-Crawford can sing many different styles, but her music style is R&B.

“(Reed-Crawford’s music) is soothing and inspirational,” Kelly said. “It makes you feel like she’s singing to you personally.”

Reed-Crawford also creates cover song videos on her YouTube, also under the name of Nah’Ryan Symone, and will continue to do so while making original pieces.

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