Danny Campos

Danny Campos, AKA Danny Fhantum, is a student here at Missouri Western. He is majoring in General Studies and minors in Music and Musical Theatre. 

At nineteen Danny Campos downloaded an app that helped him start creating his music. He now writes, sings, and produces.

“The best part of (creating music) is when you get those creative juices flowing, just the flow,” Campos said.

While Campos is talented, he doesn’t always work alone. One of his friends does his mixing and his sister designs his cover art. 

Campos’ music is closest to hip-hop with a slight melodic feel to it, but he wants to explore Latin, raggatono, maybe even alternative. He's working on new music now that moves away from hip-hop. 

“Know yourself. Don’t second guess. Don’t be scared. Love yourself.” 

Campos deals with anxiety and has for his entire life. He works through it using music, becoming a theme in most of his songs. 

“It sucks having it and trying to deal with it. I’ve been able to find different ways to battle my anxiety. It’s been hard, but I’m still here so that’s what’s important.”

Danny hopes that his music might help others who struggle with mental health, too.

“This is a message to let you guys know you’re not alone. Anxiety can be dangerous, but once you find ways, have the right people around, and have control of your thoughts it gets easier. At the end of the day you will get through it. Nothing and no one is perfect,” Campos posts on Instagram.

Campos also feels strongly about COVID, using his platform to encourage people to be safe. He mentions the epidemic a little in the song “Never Lose.”

“Don’t be a Cov-Idiot, wear a goddamn mask,” Campos writes on his Instagram.

Campos’s alias Danny Fhantum comes from when he was younger his classmates would call him Danny Phantom from the old Nickelodeon show. He had to change the spelling due to copyright. He wanted something original based on that, so Danny Fhantum was created. 

The name can be problematic since most people have issues spelling such an unusual name, but Campos says it's worth it. 

“I wouldn’t change my name for the world,” Campos says.  

Campos intends to keep creating music, growing his music, and getting better. 

“You don't do well at (music) overnight,” Campos says.

Campos has this message for his followers:

“Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my journey. It's not over yet. I’m just getting started… slowly but surely. Move in silence. New music coming soon.”

You can find him on Spotify, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok under the Danny Fhantum.

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