Marilyn Monroe birthday

During the COVID-19 epidemic there are a lot of people celebrating birthdays during quarantine and having a birthday party isn't an option.

St. Joseph, Missouri, ordered a stay at home restriction, and you can only leave if it is essential, which to everyone turning another year older means a cake at home.

The coronavirus has rained on a lot of people, especially the people who are celebrating their birthday, but this doesn’t mean you should cancel everything. So here are some things you can do while celebrating your birthday.  

One thing you can do is have a small get together with your closest friends, go to your nearest dollar store, buy some party favors and balloons and go to the local grocery store, get some cake mix order some food have your own party.  You should make a great party playlist so you and your friends can jam out.

Another fun thing you can do while celebrating your birthday around being quarantined is have your family make you a special dinner. If you can’t have friends over during these trying times, have your parents or even guardian make you a special dinner if the restaurant you wanted to visit is currently shut down. 

Missouri Western freshman Jaylah Williams' mother decided to surprise her and celebrated her birthday with family.

“She made my favorite meals which was a homemade seafood boil,” Williams said.

Movie nights are also a fun way to celebrate your birthday, especially if you are on the younger side because a lot of theaters are  closing down. Some movies are going straight to streaming. One thing you can do is buy a movie projector.

These are super fun to have and if you have a large space like a basement or a nice backyard. You make buy some popcorn and some boxes of candy. Find some of the new movies that are now available to stream like "Birds of Prey", "Onward", "The Gentlemen" and "Knives Out." This is superfun and very inexpensive.

Another birthday idea is for couples trying to celebrate one another's birthday. What about an intimate birthday picnic? Having an intimate picnic with the person you're in relationship with is the best way to show love to one another.

If you know what your partner's favorite meal, snacks or even dessert is, it's the best way to show them you care. You can have the picnic in your backyard, get some cute blankets and some fun things to capture the moment like a polaroid camera or a disposable. Enjoy outside in your own comfort and build a stronger bond.

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