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It’s the AFC Championship at Arrowhead Stadium. Over 75,000 fans fill the narrow bleachers, creating a sea of red all around. It’s the end of … READ MORE

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The COVID-19 outbreak has left department stores like Walmart busier than ever, as millions of customers filled stores to stock their homes wi… READ MORE

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You enter an airport and walk to the nearest computer to print out your flight information. As you listen to the glides of suitcase wheels tre… READ MORE

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Missouri Western President Matt Wilson met with students in the Non-Traditional and Commuter Center to discuss his plans to move the center fr… READ MORE

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Missouri Western students will get the opportunity to conduct their own experiments inside of the Griffon Lab at the Big Muddy Mini Maker Faire. READ MORE

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This May, a group of Missouri Western students and faculty will be traveling to Austria and the Czech Republic to perform choir concerts.  READ MORE

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Students gathered in Blum Union for contests, cookie decorating and to meet the different organizations Missouri Western has to offer. READ MORE

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Last Thursday, Missouri Western canceled classes due to weather for the third time this spring semester.  READ MORE

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The Zuzu African Acrobats tumbled and flipped their way into Missouri Western during an event put on by the Center for Multicultural Education… READ MORE

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The Chiefs first Super Bowl win in 50 years has brought cause for celebration to many on campus as well as interest in the past and future of … READ MORE

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A sea of red will be filling the Kansas City area on Sunday for the 2020 Super Bowl, and Chiefs fans everywhere have been preparing themselves… READ MORE

Over the years, the well known Santa has been called by many different names. There is much more to the man in the red suit than some may know. Listed below is a brief overview of the different names of Mr. Claus himself.   Saint Nicholas Jolly old Saint Nicholas was born in the third […] READ MORE

By: Austin Hoverder  On the spookiest day of the year — Halloween — the Missouri Western Spanish Club held their largest annual event, the Day of the Dead celebrations.  Missouri Westerns Spanish Club President, Elizabeth Combs said that the Day of the Dead is a holiday celebrated throughout Mexico on the second and third of […] READ MORE

By: Avery Corkins As Thanksgiving approaches, dinner invites start to spread to every family member under the sun. For some Thanksgiving gatherings, friends are considered to be the best kind of family.    In recent times, “Friendsgiving” has become a tremendously popular way to gather and celebrate this time of year with a traditional Thanksgiving […] READ MORE

By: Kathleen Woods The fundraising table in Blum Student Union lobby was filled with already made and steaming crepes. The toppings had been lined up waiting for students, who had come hungry.  On Nov. 5, the International Student Council held a fundraiser in Blum Student Union The organization sold French Crepes for three dollars a […] READ MORE

By: Kathleen Woods As students make their way through school, there may be feelings of being overwhelmed and overly stressed along the way. It is not healthy to let these thoughts consume the mind and make you feel like you “can’t do it anymore.” You may just need a boost of confidence or just a […] READ MORE

By: Austin Hoverder After a busy Halloween, Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, is yet another fall celebration.  It is held the first two days of November and is an important holiday to many Latino cultures. This years first Day of the Dead happened to fall on the first Friday of the […] READ MORE

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By: Avery Corkins Missouri Western has a broad range of backgrounds across students and staff. One category that can get overlooked are members who have served or are serving in the military.    Recently, Missouri Western has taken several opportunities to give thanks and show appreciation for the community of members on campus. John Hewitt, […] READ MORE

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By: Ryleigh Reagan Ghosts and ghouls are out for Spooktober and they are in a town near you. Here is a list of the five most haunted cities and their stories. Atchison, Kansas, is one of the most haunted cities in the United States and is known for Molly’s Hollow, the Waggener and most of […] READ MORE

By: Christian Sarna This week, President Matthew Wilson discussed the status of Friday classes, the new Griffon Guarantee scholarship and the ‘presidential limo’.   Do we get Fridays off now? Some students might have noticed a lack of Friday classes available during spring registration. According to Wilson, an announcement about the status of Friday classes […] READ MORE

By: Avery Corkins Missouri Western english professor Mike Cadden has been teaching Griffons since 1996.    Cadden grew up in Long Island, New York. He attended Virginia Tech for his undergraduate and master’s programs and then moved on to Illinois State for his doctorate program.    Cadden started his educational experience not knowing that he […] READ MORE

By: Kathleen Woods This year’s homecoming theme was the ’90s, and this which meant bright colors and a flash to the past. The homecoming pep rally took place on Friday, Oct. 11 at 7 p.m. in the Looney Complex and was followed by a bonfire at 9 p.m. in the back of Spratt Stadium.  For […] READ MORE

By: Kathleen Woods It’s that time of the school year when midterms are just around the corner.  Your homework is piling up and professors are making sure you are prepared for the big test. Midterms begin next week from Oct.14-18 and are used as a way of retaining all of the information you have learned […] READ MORE

By: Avery Booth   Missouri Western junior defensive back Corner Sam Webb was last week’s MIAA Player of the week for his two interceptions and a forced fumble against Washburn University, and he had another pick versus Missouri Southern.   Webb is from Kansas City, Missouri, but moved to Excelsior Springs in the fifth grade […] READ MORE

By: Avery Corkins On Wednesday night in Fulkerson, two DJs sent students roaring and soaring through the ‘90s by utilizing a new approach to live music called a silent party.    The concept of what a silent party is and how it works is simple. There are multiple DJs playing all different music, and each […] READ MORE

By: Christian Sarna You’re walking through Blum one night and a student approaches you. She asks if you’re religious and seems well meaning, so you answer her. She begins to tell you about a religious organization that she’s a part of on campus. She says that it’s a Christian denomination, but the longer she explains […] READ MORE

By: Ryleigh Reagan The Missouri Western Dance Company held at dance battle royale on Oct. 2, and  while no other dance groups came to battle, that didn’t stop the Missouri Western Dancing Company from showing off its skills.  The dance battle marks two years since the MWDC was founded. The event – held in Blum […] READ MORE

By: Kathleen Woods Succeeding in college can be a difficult feat, but the opportunities are endless and get you prepared for your field of choice.  The marketing and communications department were seeking students to give testimonials on how being a Griffon has aided them.  The Casting: Share your Missouri Western Story event was put on […] READ MORE

By: Austin Hoverder Almost everyone has to wake up and enjoy their morning cup of joe even our local campus police.  On Wednesday Oct. 2, 2019 Missouri Western Police held an event called “Coffee with Cops.” There was free coffee and prizes that were given away.  Some of the prizes included a blanket among other […] READ MORE

By: Ryleigh Reagan Missouri Western’s upcoming homecoming week starts on Oct. 6 and will feature a ‘90s theme, with nine total events for Griffon students to participate in and will conclude with a football showdown against Missouri Southern on Oct. 12. The week will start off with the event “Let’s Drive Into Homecoming” on Monday […] READ MORE

By: Avery Corkins The 31st annual AppleFest in Weston, Missouri, will be taking place on Saturday and Sunday and is recognized as one of the best fall festivals in Missouri.  Emma Hopkins, a regular visitor of Weston, is always anticipating the festival because she feels it is a great way to kick off the fall […] READ MORE

By: Kathleen Woods Missouri Western’s ‘Roaring and Soaring’ through the ‘90s homecoming week is right around the corner. To kick things off on Monday is “Black and Gold” day. Be sure to dress up in your favorite Griffon gear and get ready for all the upcoming festivities.  This is an all-day event on Oct. 7 […] READ MORE

By: Austin Hoverder Missouri Western Biology professor Tilottama Roy has always wanted to mold minds and teaching is the best way to influence students’ lives. Teaching for Roy is a reward and when students actually care about her lessons in and out of class she loves it. Roy loves being a biology teacher at Missouri […] READ MORE

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By: Avery Corkins “Mama Mia” is a brilliant romantic comedy from 2008 written by Catherine Johnson and directed by Phyllida Lloyd. It is based off of the 1999 musical of the same name that was also written by Johnson. The film is filled with songs from the pop group ABBA, and additional songs that were […] READ MORE