Griffon Cross Country

Griffon cross country, among many other sports, have had their seasons canceled due to the pandemic, but they have still been running up a storm and continuing to top their mileage each week. 

Junior Andrew Wright said that around this time last year they would have at least one, possibly two meets.  Wright also said that cross country has probably been the least affected and that Wright has come to realize that a lot of things are out of his control, especially when it comes to this season.  

Both Wright and junior Paige Kvale said around this time of year they would be competing against Southeast Missouri State University.  Last year they had 7-10 meets and this year they have zero.  Unlike other sports that were moved to spring, cross country’s season is completely canceled, but they are continuing to practice and sometimes run up to 60 miles a week.  

“We will have an intersquad meet soon so we can still compete against each other.” Kvale said. “We are using this opportunity with the pandemic to gear up for track season and wake up everyday at 6:00a.m. for morning runs and get the freshman ready for the grind.”  

Kvale also discussed ways their team is staying competitive.

“Our coach is trying to keep it competitive so he has split us up into three groups so we will compete running 5K’s against each other, he’s been trying to train us like we will have meets," Kvale said.

Kvale also said that during last season,  she would be running around 40 miles a week, but due to the pandemic regarding the restrictions, she is running 50 or more a week. 

“Ingold understands that we don't usually run this many miles because last season we would be tapering towards the end of the week in preparation for meets," Kvale said.

She also said that she has enjoyed being in the weight room more and has been able to lift more because of their season being canceled.  

Kvale said that the team has been lifting a lot this year compared to other years, and they like it because people are realizing that they can lift and put up some weight.  Kvale said that lifting more has helped her when running and can tell a big difference from last year.  

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