The Griffon tennis team is hoping a couple of home matches will turn this season around.

This season, things are not going the way the Griffons had planned.

With an overall record of 0-10, the tennis season is coming to an end, with only four matches left to play.

“Our season is going better than last year’s season, but our record, so far, definitely does not display that,” junior Ceara Boldridge said.

There is not much the Griffons can do now about their record, but they refuse to put their heads down. They know what they are capable of doing as a team, but just can’t seem to pull it together to get a win.

“Right now, as a team, we are focusing on always giving a 100 percent effort and wining matches,” Boldridge said.

Boldridge is a junior from Overland Park, Kan. She leads in most single wins with 17.

The next step for Western is to get focused and ready to play, as well as winning their upcoming home match against Lindenwood University.

“To beat Lindenwood, we need to play as hard as we can,” sophomore Meara Smith said. “This means playing aggressively, not giving up on shorts and having the mindset that we can beat them.”

While winning the match is a team effort, Smith knows it’s individual effort that will secure the points.

“I am going to try to win single and doubles and play hard as I can. Also cheer and motivate my teammates to win their matches as well,” Smith said.

These last four matches are very important for the team to win.

“The next four matches are really important, with three of them being conference matches,” Smith said. “Each game is important, but these games are must-wins for the team.”

Junior Kayla Dysart knows where the team could improve a little.

“I think as a team we could work on our footwork better,” Dysart said.

Besides personal fixes, Dysart knows these last four matches are detrimental to the team’s post-season future.

“To win these last four games, we really need to win all of our doubles,” Dysart said. “In these last four games, I look forward to being competitive with these teams. We really need these wins in order to go to the conference.”

In order to beat Lindenwood, Dysart thinks the team has to play hard.

“Be aggressive and playing our game, and we’ll be fine,” Dysart said.

Lindenwood women’s tennis team is 3-4 at home and 1-1 on the road, leaving them with an overall record of 4-5. Leading with the most single and double wins to help the Lions win is freshman Diana Castro from Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Western will welcome Lindenwood this Friday, April 4, at the Noyes Tennis Center. The match is set for 3:00 p.m.

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