Most Missouri Western students have that one friend who goes to another college and always talks about how great their athletics program is even though their school is only good at one sport. The conversation, of course, ends up in a semi-serious argument to see who can one-up the other person.

This fall, Western athletics have given students the upper hand in that argument.

Obviously football is going to be involved in the debate, but it should be. Since 2000, our football program has a record of 122-55, which includes six Mineral Water Bowl appearances, four NCAA playoff berths and two MIAA championships.

Those facts alone might win the argument, but why stop there?

Volleyball had an incredible year with an overall record of 22-8.  During their season, the Griffons compiled eight wins in-a-row, which is the longest win streak since 2002. The success led them to finish the season tied for No. 4 in the MIAA. Also, the team had the chance to witness libero Sarah Faubel break the career digs record, which was originally set with 1,565 digs but now stands at 1,799.

Thanks to soccer’s historic season, Western students will be on the winning end of a one-sided dispute.

While ending their season with a 9-9-1 record, the team broke a staggering 21 combined career and season records. Individually, forward Tara Russell now holds five Griffon soccer records, goalie Sarah Lyle holds four and head coach Chad Edwards holds one. During the historic season, Western amassed a five-game win streak and also made it to the MIAA tournament.

The fall sports have made it easy for students to brag about Missouri Western’s wide spread athletic success. Going into winter break, students have nothing to fear when they engage their friends in the inevitable “whose school is better” argument. This is the perfect time to take pride in what Western athletics have accomplished.

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