Politics today is nothing more than a fashion show where we choose the best candidate based on their appearance. The major candidates in the upcoming presidential election are not any different.

After watching CNN, Fox News and any other news broadcast, it is apparent that the broadcasts care only about the facial expressions and body language of current president Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Many voters have very little knowledge of what either of the candidates stand for in regards to social policies and economic plans.

There is little reason for United States citizens to vote when they care more about Snooki’s baby photo than how Romney plans taxes.

Social media is a major campaign booster and receives much attention from younger voters, but the info that is seen on the social networks is nothing upon which to base a vote.

The campaigns for both major candidates have social network posts with a photo and catchy slogans while the news broadcast channels describe body language. These two campaign boosters visuals will not allow voters to formulate a proper vote.

There is even reason to believe that citizens today do not even know that there are four other presidential candidates. Candidates from the Libertarian, Green, Justice and Constitution Parties do have a theoretical chance of being elected, but their campaigns are so limited that it takes proactive voters to research these candidates.

If voters took a few hours out of their days, they would realize that the Libertarian Party endorses gay and lesbian rights just as Obama now does.

Citizens who fail to understand the policies and topics that matter to being commander-in-chief and a major deciding factor on important bills should not have a place at the polls.

This failure is why there is a problem with voting.

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