Chloe E

Online Classes in a Global Pandemic

The world is constantly changing and this year we have taken a lot of hits. The most recent life-changing event that has altered how we all live and go about our day to day tasks is COVID-19. For many students in high school or college, things have drastically changed since 2019. I remember being a freshman in college last year and things were perfectly normal. I would go to class, practice and hang out with my friends without a problem. Now I go to class online, I wear a mask to practice and I socialize with my friends.

I think the hardest part is online schooling this past semester. Going into it a lot of my friends thought it was going to be easy, but in my experience, all my classes being online was a solution for disaster. I think there is a big gap between online and in-person classes even if they are hybrid. I had teachers who would be really proactive and checked up on us a lot as well as provided any extra resources we needed during this difficult time of transitioning online. Then there were the other half of my teachers who don’t respond to emails and have no remorse for you if sent into quarantine. I can confidently say over 70% of my classes I took this year I taught myself.

There have been so many times where I emailed teachers or even students asking questions or for help and never heard from them. The pandemic hit us out of nowhere and many were not prepared, but I feel my education has suffered tremendously this past semester as I have watched videos and read articles outside of my lesson for my classes just to understand what the teacher is getting at. I was homeschooled throughout high school so teaching myself was probably easier for me than some, but I have had many friends who have struggled as well with online classes. At some point, I had to walk into my teacher's office just to get questions answered. I am not saying online class is impossible or not a good option, it just feels as if this year's online classes were thrown together and made the odds against you.

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