My name is Chloe Earwood and I am a student athlete at Missouri Western.  I am a volleyball player and recently have had a run in with COVID-19.  You always hear about it in the news, but you never think it’s going to affect you until it happens.  My two roommates tested positive for the virus, so I was hastily sent into quarantine. 

Going back home is always a little challenging when you have gotten used to the independent life of a college student.  All of the sudden, my mom is telling me to make my bed and brush my hair.

The first days of quarantine weren’t dreadful.  I personally feel very lazy and unproductive when lying around, so I quickly developed a workout routine that would help me maintain and sustain over the next 14 days.  Our coach has talked about how we can turn this situation into a positive, so I've been using this time to do things I usually don't have time for, such as reading books and writing music. Songwriting is something that I thoroughly enjoy, but being an athlete at a Division II school comes with very limited free time.  Even though they get on my nerves sometimes I have enjoyed being able to see my family. 

On the more serious side of things, COVID-19 has affected every aspect of my life, including my school, my job, my sport and my family.  I know everyone else is experiencing the same thing, but what a time to be a student athlete during a pandemic. 

It’s crazy, I never thought I would be involved in something that seems like it’s from a movie.  

The quarantining has me going crazy.  I am on day eight and want to see my teammates, as well as my friends.  I crave for things to go back to “normal,” but I don’t know what that looks like anymore. 

Our coaches have made an effort to have things for us to do as a team in quarantine via Zoom.  We have morning meetings and were given workouts by our trainer to execute to the best of our abilities with what equipment we have.  I have a really close friend on the team, and we have been keeping each other accountable on our eating and exercise.  For me personally, I need someone like this during quarantine because sometimes I get lazy.  

I am hoping for promising news soon and that my teammates and I will be able to be back on the court soon! 

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