I should have been more specific when I asked for a vacation over the summer. I received a quarantine vacation for about a month thanks to COVID-19. Personally, I would not recommend it for individuals that are used to being busy. 

First, I was quarantined for two weeks, because I came into contact with someone who tested positive. At first, I was like I could stay home from work and relax. I would create some crafts and do some cleaning. 

After the second week of quarantine, I was ready to get out of the house and do anything. Of course, I should have been more specific when I wished to go anywhere just to get out of the house. The doctor’s office was not my intention.

However, right before I finished my quarantine, I was stung by a bee and had a bad allergic reaction to the sting. After a few hours, I started to run a fever, so I scheduled an appointment with the doctors.

I did not know if the fever was from the bee sting or I was starting to show symptoms of the virus. Consequently, I was tested for COVID-19 while the doctor looked at my bee sting.

After the bee sting started getting better, my fever stopped, and, therefore, I would have not imagined that the COVID-19 test would have come back positive. Of course, my expectation was wrong.  

Days went on and I did not show symptoms of COVID-19. I was tired during the day, because I would stay up at night to watch television or just because I did nothing during the day.

Long story short, I was tested four times and all came back positive. I felt like my normal self through the complete process. I even cut brush at the farm.

After not being able to do much of anything, I was excited when I received documentation to be cleared to go back to my normal daily schedule. It was requested that I should be cautious of my surroundings, meaning wear a mask.

Many have stories about having physical symptoms of being sick or even hospitalized; Luckily that was not me. Even though I did not have symptoms, It has been an adjustment from doing nothing at home to going to work and school.

Next time, when I say I need a vacation, I will say I need a quarantine free vacation on a beach somewhere.

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