Missouri Western President Matthew Wilson released his recommendations for the Board of Governors on what he believes the next steps should be regarding the phasing out of several majors and minors on campus.

The original news about the potential phase outs came out on Saturday, April 4 after an email was sent out to the campus community with a list of all the majors that were proposed. The Academic Review Program looked at what the school offered and compared the data to what the state’s requirements are. After the ARP gave their recommendations, Provost Dr. Doug Davenport reviewed the paperwork and gave his own recommendations.

In Wilson’s email, he said that the majors and minors he recommends to maintain/redesign are the following:

- B.S. in Health Information Management

- B.S.E. in Secondary Education

- B.S. in Chemistry

- B.S. in Applied Mathematics

- B.S. in Medical Laboratory Science/Med. Tech.

- B.M.E. in Music/Vocal

- B.M.E. in Music/Instrumental

- B.M. in Music Technology & Industry or B.M. in Music Performance & Industry

- B.S. in Convergent Journalism

- B.S. in Strategic Communication

- Minor in Technical Communication (English)

- Minor in Art History

Wilson also included new programs that he would like to bring to the university. These programs are the following:

- B.A.A. in Performing and Cinematic Arts (approved)

- Concentration and minor in Recreation Sports Management/esports Management (approved)

- Minor in Earth and Environmental Science (approved)

- B.S. in Law (state approval pending)

- B.S. in Math/Applied Mathematics with an emphasis on data analysis (forthcoming)

In Wilson’s email, he attached the full report that he plans to submit to the Board of Governors, including the ARB recommendations and the provost’s recommendations. It also includes a full list of all departments and the recommendations made for each one.

Wilson’s email also had five strategic recommendations. The recommendations are the following:

- Senior leadership/administration restructuring to achieve an additional annual savings of approximately $600,000 per year

- Adjustments and contributions to reduce the impact of athletics expenses on the university’s budget by approximately $500,000 per year

- Program phase-out or restructuring for annual salary savings of approximately $5 million per year

- New degree programs and initiatives together with the option of redesigning other programs that can be operated within recommended staffing levels

- Other efficiencies to reduce costs and increase revenues

In a press release from the university, Wilson discussed the fight the university has faced.

“There is no question we have faced unprecedented challenges -- from a state of financial distress to the yet unknown economic impact of COVID-19,” Wilson said. “Over the past nine months, we have been discussing how to best overcome these challenges. Albeit extremely difficult for everyone impacted, we have developed a plan that can achieve sustainability.”

Wilson’s report will be sent to the Board of Governors and they will review and take a vote on Wednesday, April 29 to determine the final changes that will be made.

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