Parking Lot

A crowded parking lot of students taking full advantage of the new parking spots.

Missouri Western State University changes student parking conditions, including a mandatory annual parking fee. Any students living on campus or taking classes on campus have been charged the $25 parking fee, which includes vehicle registration fees and is renewed annually. 

Along with this fee, parking lots have become more available for students to park in, and the majority of parking that was once reserved for faculty has been converted to student parking.

For some students, the frustration of paying a parking fee is still something to manage. Junior, Kaitlyn Lux, shares her thoughts on the newly added fee.

It was admittedly a bit frustrating to discover that I would be required to pay for one on top of already climbing tuition rates,” Lux said. “The amount of potholes and cracks have made me worry multiple times about the condition of my vehicle”. 

Lux lives on campus, so her car endures these parking conditions frequently, just like many other students.

Along with the fee, policy changes were made that allowed for some new benefits to students.

Vice President of Finance & Administration Darrell Morrison has implemented more available parking spaces in multiple different parking lots on campus. Morrison believes that the students come first and that’s what he kept in mind while implementing parking fees and new parking conditions. 

“With that mentality, it doesn’t make sense to restrict parking and people not being able to move around on campus,” Morrison said.

Where students may have once had to walk from their dorm to the Looney Sports Complex in the snow, they can now park in front of the building without worrying about being ticketed. Among these new conditions is less faculty parking, and the faculty now pay a premium for parking in more desired areas of parking lots. 

The university has recently paved several different potholes on campus but are aware that more needs to be done. Using the funds from student parking, Morrison shares that a “very expensive paving job” needs to be done to enhance the driveability of the university’s parking lots and roads surrounding the campus. 

Regardless of the addition of a new student parking fee, students and faculty, including Lux and Morrison, have been pleased with the new parking conditions and are hopeful to see them continue to improve.  Since there are less students on campus this year, the $25 fee helps fund fixes for parking conditions and that’s exactly what Morrison plans to do soon. 

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