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Missouri Western added a 2% increase on tuition and fees this semester. 

In previous years, many of these fees were a flat rate fee regardless of how many credit hours students were taking. Now, Vice President of Finance and Administration Darrell Morrison, has implemented a “per credit hour” fee system. 

“If someone is taking nine hours they’re paying $30 for a fee just like someone taking 18 hours,” Morrison said.

The $30 fee Morrison is referring to is the Student Government Association fee. After eliminating the flat rate fee, it’s now $3.50 per credit hour. Now, a student who is taking nine hours is paying $31.50 while the student taking 18 hours is paying $63.00.

Morrison said this isn’t an attempt to earn more revenue, but simply leveling out the cost between students and how many classes they’re enrolled in.

As far as general tuition goes, every department at Missouri Western faced a 2% increase compared to last year. Since every program costs a different amount, not every student is paying the same amount of tuition as another major, similar to how students pay different prices for fees depending on credit hours a student is enrolled in. 

These changes were discussed and established in May 2020, when students were out of session and off campus. However, the board brought these price increases to the president and vice president of the SGA, Nathan Scott and Ariana Reed. When the board and SGA had met, the board wanted to make sure that the SGA was aware of the increase of their association and that of student services. 

Scott suggests keeping yourself updated on SGA discussions and events and even reaching out to Hannah Berry, elected student governor, as she serves as a student advocate to issues that are raised to her. Scott explains that as members of the SGA, they had no say in whether or not the change would happen but were just informed of the change.

“The more you talk to students about it, the better,” Scott said.

Although it may be challenging to achieve full communication and transparency, especially in the midst of a pandemic, student involvement and discussion is something that Darrell Morrison would like to have more of in the future as well.

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