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Missouri Western State University has completed their first week of classes and has been watching COVID-19 closely.

Dr. Gary Clapp is newly-named Director of the MWSU Center for Service/Associate Professor of Chemistry,  and is one of the three members on the COVID Emergency Response team that was set up with the University. Clapp said that the committee convened on Friday. According to Clapp, there have been positive cases reported.

“I believe there has been [confirmed reports], I don’t have the details on that,” Clapp said. “Yes, there has been at least one positive case. Whether or not it was campus related, I can’t tell you.”

The online reports get sent to Dr. Crystal Harris and Harris disperses them to the other two members of the COVID Emergency Response team, the University President and anyone else who needs to know. The online reports can come from students, faculty and staff. At this time, Griffon Media does not know if the reported cases involved people on campus or those at home.

Clapp said that although there have been reports, he said it’s hard to tell if they come from the campus.

“The reports this week are gonna be difficult to say if they happened on campus because typically the incubation period is around five days, so we had a number of people start on campus last week, but for the most part, the main student body arrived this week,” Clapp said. “They probably wouldn’t have shown positive symptoms by Friday if they were exposed on Monday.”

Clapp said the university has been tracking cases within the staff and student body since early July. The University is using contact tracing as well and is letting people know if they’ve possibly been in contact with someone who has tested positive.

Dr. Clapp also helps the city look at the numbers of cases reported and has said that numbers at Mosaic have increased from about 10 to 18 in the last week or so.

Any member of the university community receiving a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 should immediately notify the following office, as applicable: Students: Office of the Dean of Students (Hannah Piechowski) – Students may use this online reporting tool. Athletes: Notify your Athletic Trainer. Read the Athletics COVID-19 Policy.

Any member of the campus community testing positive for COVID-19 who is not in need of hospitalization should be isolated at their permanent address if at all possible.  

If that is not possible, several rooms will be set aside on campus for isolation.  Priority will be for residential students who do not have other housing options. Depending on the circumstances, the University may make rooms available to other members of the campus community.

Griffon Media will be working with the COVID Response Team to bring updates every week to the campus community.

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