Associate professor of biology Dr. Csengele Barta was awarded the Primarily Undergraduate Award of the American Society of Plant Biologists.

This award is a great achievement for Barta, as well as Missouri Western as a whole. Barta was extremely grateful having received this honor.

“It’s really excellent and humbling,” Barta said. “It’s one of those things that put you on the map of the international science community. I have been very fortunate because the society who honored me, honored me not just with this award, but with several awards in the past for a variety of different reasons.”

Barta has received research awards and recognition awards from the organization in the past. An award was also given to one of her students. 

“They awarded one of my students a couple of years ago with a research fellowship for our project that we have submitted and that she had the opportunity to conduct here at Missouri Western funded by the society. So she had the opportunity to present her work at that time as well,” Barta said.

This award wasn’t only a big accomplishment for Barta, but for her students as well. Student Amie Haddock said Barta is an amazing professor.

“Dr. Barta has a great love of the subject matter she teaches and loves sharing her knowledge with her students,” Haddock said. “I have always appreciated how hard she works to provide her students with great slides from which to take notes, thoroughly explains material to ensure understanding, and gladly makes time when students need more help.”

Haddock went on to publish original research based data she obtained in Barta’s lab in 2017.

“Working on her research team has been an eye opening experience for me! I learned early on that I love lab work and have been able to discover new interests. I never would have thought I would have such a desire to learn about microbiology/biochemistry, genetics and plants,” Haddock said. “I am certain that Dr. Barta’s enthusiasm has had a great influence on my interest in these subjects.”

Science is something Barta has always been passionate about.

“I became very interested in biology and plant sciences as a child,” Barta said. “We have several scientists in my family, so I appreciated science from very early on.”

Her career went on to prove that she has always had science in her.

Barta said if it wasn’t for her students, this wouldn’t have been possible.

“I am very impressed with all of our students at Missouri Western,” Barta said. “The students are a very critical part of this field, and without them, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do.”

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