Students on campus

Missouri Western has reached their fourth week of classes and as of Tuesday, Sept. 8, have 30 reported positive cases of COVID-19.

Out of the 30 students and employees who have tested positive, only four are isolating on campus.

The Interim Dean for the College of Science and Health and COVID-19 Coordinator Crystal Harris said that although it’s upsetting to see the numbers, she feels our campus is doing well given the circumstances.

“Well, I think they're going about as expected,” Harris said. “I know that the students and the faculty and staff are all working really hard to try to keep our campus safe.”

As of now, testing isn’t easily available to students on campus, but Harris and the committee are looking at making it a possibility.

“We're looking with the state, and we're looking with various organizations and getting testing available,” Harris said. “A lot of the universities that do testing have their own labs, or they have medical schools or things like that. So they have easier access, I think, to some of those things. And so, we're working to get that availability as needed. But I think if any, any student is experiencing any symptoms, they don't have problems getting a test.”

Some students feel as though the university hasn’t been very clear about the situation, but Harris wants everyone to know that transparency is one of the main goals.

“We certainly want to make sure that people know the real situation on campus, because if they don't, then they might not be taking the appropriate precautions,” Harris said. “So, and I know it's important to not only the students, but it's important to their parents. It's important to everybody in this community. So it's critical that we're open and honest and, and share the realities of our situation.”

More information about COVID-19 at Missouri Western can be found at

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