Due to the health concerns that come with the recent spread of COVID-19, Missouri Western has decided to close campus for the rest of the semester.

Even though campus is closed, the semester is not finished. Students are to reach out to their professor and see what they are offering for the rest of the semester.

If a professor is not offering a spring semester culminating experience”, then students will have the option to either accept their midterm grade, accept credit or withdraw from the class. If the professor is offering the experience, the students can either accept credit, withdraw, apply for an incomplete contract, or do the experience and receive a final grade.

The commencement ceremony set to take place on May 2 has been cancelled, but President Matthew Wilson said in an email that they plan to celebrate the Class of 2020 as soon as it is safe to do so.

Students who live in the residence halls have been asked to move out by April 1. If a student can not move out by April 1, they've been asked to reach out to residential life and let them know so accommodations can be made. Students who are graduating or transferring will be receiving a refund of a certain amount, while students who plan to come back will receive credit for next semester.

At this time, the university plans to open like normal in the fall but has said they will keep the campus community updated should anything change.

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