The Center of Military and Veteran Services

The Center of Military and Veteran Services opened this fall.

The area serves as a counseling center and study lounge. Students connected to the military can come and ask for help pertaining to their education or military service. 

The Center of Military and Veteran Services helps students with military connections. Joe Midgley is the director for The Center for Military and Veteran Services. He is currently in charge of the center and its lounge. Midgley is doing all he can to give active or veteran members a place to go for help.

“What I'm trying to do is consolidate all of that where they're still going to work in their departments,” Midgley said. “Students have issues and they bring up something to their advisor or their professor or whatever it may be, and they send them over to me. I help them and guide them whether that's here or through some of the Veteran Affairs offices and all that with their benefits.”

Students will eventually be free to come to the student lounge, where they can relax and study. Due to COVID-19 the lounge is currently being used as a study room where Midgley has placed temporary spacing restrictions in the lounge until it is safe to do otherwise.

Military connected students can go to the new center for active duty tuition assistance or to start their GI bill. The Center of Military and Veteran Services is located in Eder Hall 200.

Midgley is here to help students who were just like him. He wants to help them pursue their education, as well as maintain their military service.

“I'm here as an academic advisor, as a career advisor, and as a life advisor. A lot of the reasons I got into this position of  helping veterans is my experience. When I went to college after I got out of the military it was fine, but when it came to my benefits, nobody knew what to do," Midgley said.

The Center of Military and Veteran Services is also providing a veteran affairs work study for military connected students. A veteran affairs work study is similar to a normal student work study except instead of being with the university, it's only offered through veteran affairs. Any student that is receiving GI Bill benefits from veteran affairs is eligible for the veteran affairs work study.

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