Center For Service

Here at Missouri Western you can trade your community service hours for class credit.

Students can earn one credit for 40 hours of community service, free of charge.The credits go toward your degree and show up on your record as an elective credit. The maximum amount of credits a student can earn through community service is three credit hours.

Dr. Gary Clapp is the director of the Center for Service as well as an associate professor for the department of chemistry. The center is located at Eder 202 where Clapp’s job is to connect students to community service opportunities around their area.

“My job is to try to find students that we can get into a database for volunteers,” Clapp said. “The more students we bring on board that want to do projects for the community the better we can coordinate with our programs that we're trying to get up and running more smoothly.”

In order to get started students can go to Click on “A to Z” and scroll down until you see “Center for Service”. Once you click that, there will be a request form that needs to be filled out. Students must also have an orientation before getting their volunteer work. Click the “For Students” section at the top of the page then head for orientation. 

Students must get their 40 hours done within 15 months. After that, students' hours will drop off one month at a time. Students must also provide their own transportation. When volunteering, students must wear Missouri Western attire. 

Clapp recommends that freshmen who want to volunteer but are too busy to still come in. They can volunteer for many of the summer projects from their own town.

“Come summer, and you're back home, the church or one of the nonprofits like our Second Harvest or Habitat for Humanity or something like that's often going on in your community,” Clapp said.

Ren Boeh, a sophomore majoring in computer science, was unaware of the option of getting credits through community service. Boeh said that she thought it was a really good idea that more students should know about. 

“I would consider doing it,” Boeh said. “I think helping out our community is very important and getting free credits for college is definitely worth it.”

As can be found on the website, there are many different types of volunteering work that has been done by students. This can range from assisting the Make A Wish Foundation, to disaster relief, or Griffon Buddies where students help teach elementary grade students.

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