Scanlon Hall

As students and faculty were welcomed back to campus, they found a few areas weren’t in the condition they expected. 

Heat had taken over the second floor of Blum during the first two weeks of classes due to a broken air conditioning unit.

Career and Development Coordinator Jean Foster was one of the administrators working in that heat.

“It was probably close to 89 degrees in the office,” Foster said. “So I brought in four fans from home that helped deal with the heat. That and shutting my blinds helped me stay cooled off.”

Actions were taken by the faculty to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Vice President of Finance and Administration Darrell Morrison took immediate action and helped to resolve the problem.

“It is not permanently resolved as of yet,” Morrison said. “What happened was our air conditioning unit failed, so we brought people in from the outside trying to revive it, and they could not repair it. So we went to St. Louis and had a portable air conditioning unit shipped in, which took a couple of days to get here and install. Now that’s what we’re operating off of for the time being.”

Morrison goes on to say that Missouri Western is looking for a long-term solution. 

He said that they are currently in the midst of a more permanent solution that will take care of the air conditioning and heating issues that the college will be needing for the long run.

Morrison’s short-term plan is working for now, according to Foster.

“It is much better compared to what it was,” Foster said. “Before, when you would walk into the second floor of Blum, it was just stuffy and hot. I noticed right away when the temporary unit was added. I’m very thankful they were able to get that going.”

The air conditioning, however, wasn’t the only issue at the beginning of this semester. As students moved onto campus, some of them noticed that their dorms weren’t in the cleanest condition. This was due to students staying in the dorms over the summer.

Senior at Missouri Western, Jaci Guthrie spent a few hours cleaning her dorm room when she moved in.

“They were pretty gross to be honest,” Guthrie said. “There was trash and stuff left in my room. The bathrooms were disgusting. There were used bars of soap and stains left in the sink.”

Along with complaints about the conditions of the dorms, there were also complaints about bugs. Darrell Morrison said that it is being addressed, as the previous exterminator did not get the job done.

“We’ve had a complaint of the bug issue, so we called our exterminator,” Morrison said. “They came in and it later reared its head again and they didn’t have a follow up, so we terminated that particular exterminator. We have someone new addressing it now.”

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