MWSU in Winter

Last Thursday, Missouri Western canceled classes due to weather for the third time this spring semester. 

In past snow days, students have gone outside to build snowmen or play in the snow, but with wind chills in the negatives, most students spent their day indoors. 

Freshman Caitlin Roberts spent her day catching up on some lost sleep Thursday. 

“I slept a lot,” Roberts said. “The biggest advantage of snow days is catching up on sleep that you miss out on during days with class.” 

Like Roberts, sophomore Addie Smith spent part of her day sleeping, but she accomplished a few other things as well.

“ I tried to catch up on sleep and do homework and clean my room,” Smith said. “I don’t really have a favorite snow day activity. I mean sleeping is not bad.”

It seems as though sleeping is a common pastime for students on their snow days. For others though, spending time with friends and family is the highlight of snow days.

“Thursday I stayed in and watched a movie with my friend,” Richardson said. “Thursday night, I drove an hour and a half to go home and see my animals.”

Richardson explained that she used to be able to go home every weekend but is not able to anymore due to work.

“With the snow day Thursday and my class canceled on Friday, I was able to spend extra time with my animals back home,” Richardson said.

Even though most students agree that snow days are a great break for students and overall a good thing, some see the drawbacks to snow days.

Smith thinks that online make-up work for missed classes is one of the worst things about snow days.

“One drawback to snow days is if the teacher moves class online,” Smith said. “Then sometimes that’s a little difficult because then you feel lost because the internet is down or you don’t really know what you’re doing or what the professor’s trying to say online.”

Like Smith, Richardson also sees some negatives to snow days.

“You can be behind in class and then you go back in the next time and you kind of have to rush through a lesson,” Richardson said.

Like anything else, there’s two sides to snow days. Many students enjoy the break from a busy class week but dislike falling behind or being lost in their classes.

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