coronavirus graphic

You enter an airport and walk to the nearest computer to print out your flight information. As you listen to the glides of suitcase wheels treading the ground and the echo of chitter chatter from travelers filling the air. 

The ticket prints out, your luggage has been tagged and deemed the appropriate weight, and now you trail onto the next airport checklist — security. 

As a security guard hollers to the crowd of eager citizens waiting to trailblazer through security to get to their board number. “Empty out all of your pockets, take off your shoes and dump all electronics onto separate bins!” You are observing lines of people being tested for their temperatures. 

You continue to survey the room and realize that the majority of the crowd you are surrounded by are wearing medical grade facial masks and appear to be coughing. 

A loud voice shrills through the intercom system saying, “Due to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, health checks will be mandatory for passengers to board your flight.”

The Coronavirus is a strain similar to the flu according to what Missouri Western freshman Leila Collins has heard. 

“There have been cases where people have actually died from that (Coronavirus),” Collins said. “So just like every year, if there's a new strain of the flu that comes out, it tends to be stronger than the last.”

Collins plans on traveling back home and has advice for other students planning on traveling over spring break.

“Stay healthy, keep your immune system up and just make sure you keep your hands washed.” Collins said. “If you have to wear a mask, you can't be too safe, especially if you have a weak immune system.”

As for Julisa Diaz, senior at Missouri Western, she will be traveling right after spring break and is still taking necessary precautions during her travels.

“I'm going to buy a mask,” Diaz said. “I don't know if that's really going to help because it's just not always useful but definitely wearing a mask and washing my hands constantly.”

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