To all the Boys: P.S I still love you

To All The Boys P.S. I Still Love You soundtrack CR: Netflix

When your younger sister finds your hidden love letters in a secret decorated box and decides to send them to each of your five crushes from loves past, what becomes of your love life then?

In "To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before", Lara Jean, the main character has always loved from afar. To express her love she wrote love letters and kept them hidden in a heavily decorated box you would find in a children's crafting class. The letters Lara Jean wrote were written as far back as her childhood crushes to her present day dream boats. 

Inside the box contained five beautifully written love letters Lara Jean had no intention of ever being revealed. 

Little does Lara Jean know that her younger sister, Kitty, has been watching her and has other plans for her shy sisters love life. Kitty decides to address the situation by stealing the love letters and sending them out to Lara Jean’s five most crushed on boys, past and present. 

With the letter’s sent, Kitty sits and waits until Lara Jean realizes her letters have gone missing and the once hidden crushes confront her about her love letters. 

In the sequel, "To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You," Lara Jean is exploring what it means to be the girlfriend in a high school relationship. With her worries come realizations and her relationship becomes complicated. One last love letter finds its way back into Lara Jean’s hands and her new found relationship has its struggles. 

The fifth and final love letter was sent to a John Ambrose, a childhood friend with a tempting smile. In response to receiving the love letter, thought by Lara Jean to have been misplaced in the mail and never delivered to John Ambrose, John Ambrose writes a warm letter back to Lara Jean expressing his pleasant surprise to hear from her. 

Not knowing what to do she decides it would be best not to respond to his letter. 

Lara Jean tells her boyfriend, Peter who by coincidence used to be best friends with John Ambrose about the recent letter she received and tells him not to worry because she doesn’t even know if she will respond.

As she continues her schooling, the annual school’s service hours are required, each student has to sign up to volunteer. 

Lara Jean decides to volunteer where her sister previously had and where you can get the best college recommendations. A place called Bell View to help local senior citizens. 

Peter decides on a different route and joins his friend group to volunteer, leaving Lara Jean the only student from her class to volunteer at Bell View. 

As she enters Bell View for her new volunteer job, she finds out that she wasn’t the only one to volunteer. Before she has a chance to find out who the mystery volunteer is, she hears a familiar voice approach from behind. As the young secretary is about to say his name, her childhood crush says it first: John Ambrose. 

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