Netflix Review: The last thing he wanted

A reporter for The Atlantic Post, Elena McMahan, is unwilling to let the story she’s been chasing go,  her desk has been put on hold in order to cover current politics.

This is to keep her away from the newsworthy stories politicians don’t want written. She has been following a case in Nicaragua involving the CIA planting underwater mines in Nicaraguan ports. McMahan has been one step ahead in reporting details the government doesn't want released or to answer to. 

When McMahan is pushed to work the political spectrum she is also forced to focus on her father. 

Dick McMahan, Elena’s father, is hospitalized and showing signs of dementia. Elena is given an ultimatum she can’t refuse when her father asks her to carry out an illegal business deal or he will be $500,000 in debt and possibly killed if the task is not completed. 

She works closely with men her father has set meetings with, she listens to their instructions and boards an aircraft filled with cases she doesn’t know the contents of. 

When she lands she doesn’t know who she is meeting and is shortened on payment. 

At the risk of returning home without the proper amount she misses her only ticket out of Costa Rica. 

Trapped in Costa Rica, death circles her repeatedly. Who can she trust and will she make it out of Costa Rica? 

With a connection to the U.S. through telephone, she is able to call a fellow photojournalist she had worked closely with during the Nicaragua case. Together, they are able to make the connection that the aircraft smuggle related back to her prior reporting that the government was trying so hard to keep her away from. 

Staying in Costa Rica she gathers all the intel she can while trying her best to stay alive. 

Paranoid, she doesn’t know who to trust in Costa Rica and relies on her U.S. reporter to aid her in the investigation. 

As she digs deeper into classified information the story becomes more than her fight for survival, it becomes the only source for her will to live. 

She interprets that the CIA has had contact with the people who have tried to kill her and assumes there is no way out.

Returning back to the last place she stashed the contents of her newsworthy story, she is faced with a dilemma. 

Will she be able to break the story she is willing to die for?

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