One Missouri Western student is headed to Oxford, Ohio.

During Thanksgiving Break, the headquarters for the fraternity Phi Delta Theta hired a Griffon to be one of their new Leadership Consultants.

The Western student they chose is former president of Missouri Western’s Mo Eta chapter, Alex Atkinson.

Alex served his tenure as President of the now 21 year old chapter beginning in the fall of 2013 and running through the next fall of 2014. He knew that he was not finished being involved with Phi Delt, however.

“The Leadership Consultant position is an opportunity for me to travel the country, network with Phis and give back to my fraternity,” Atkinson said. “I will be traveling to chapters in my region to diagnose areas of improvement and construct plans to better that chapter.”

This new position was one that Atkinson was prepared for, but it was still quite the journey to actually achieve it.

“I flew out to Oxford, Ohio for a two-day interview with other candidates applying for the position.  I had four one-on-one interviews, a writing sample and a 12-minute presentation,” Atkinson said, explaining the process. “Everyone I met was very friendly and approachable, but we were going to interviews all day and were only given one hour to prepare our presentation, which was very stressful.”

Although this journey will be a new challenge for Atkinson, peers of his that he has worked with throughout his time on campus feel confident that he is just the right guy for the job.

“He has talked about becoming a leadership consultant ever since he became a member of Phi Delta Theta,” said good friend, fraternity brother and longtime Missouri Western co-worker Tony Dougherty. “I know for a fact he has all of the skills and personality needed to absolutely thrive in this position.”

Shana Meyer, the Vice President of Student Affairs here at Western has been able to see Atkinson flourish throughout his time as a Griffon.

“I most appreciate his desire to make Missouri Western a place students are proud of.  He’s done that through his work on the First-Year Experience and in his fraternity. I would say he’s experienced what it means to be in a fraternity and he has espoused the values of Phi Delta Theta,” Meyer said. “Alex is an excellent communicator and driven to succeed.  I have no doubt he’ll be an excellent Consultant for Phi Delta Theta.”

Alex will move to Oxford in June to begin training. Once his training is complete, he will be assigned a region in the country to become an official Leadership Consultant for.

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