By: Kathleen Woods

It’s that time of the school year when midterms are just around the corner. 

Your homework is piling up and professors are making sure you are prepared for the big test.

Midterms begin next week from Oct.14-18 and are used as a way of retaining all of the information you have learned so far. 

It is also a way for your professors to see if the material they are teaching in class are being comprehended.

Professors have been in your position before and know what it is like to feel the anxiety that comes with midterm week.  

Missouri Western assistant professor of social work Jana Frye spoke about how she felt in college during midterm week.

“It was awful. It was so overwhelming,” Frye said. “I just remember as a freshman trying to figure out how to make it all fit. Nothing feels quite right. You never feel completely prepared. You have all that anxiety about what if I studied this, but they asked about that. I just remember that overwhelming, you know, how do you get through it kind of thing.”

Frye’s advice to students during midterm week is to make sure that you study but to also take some time for yourself. 

Current students have felt the same when it comes to making sure you take a break from the stress of studying.

Missouri Western junior Megan Gillen says that taking a break from studying is important.

“I think taking breaks like not just studying for hours, kind of giving yourself a little break every now and then,” Gillen said. “Like watching Netflix after I’ve been studying for a while.”

 Other students are preparing to study for midterms and suggest having a plan of action. 

Missouri Western junior Tori Mercer advises fellow students to take time out to study. 

“Take a few hours each day that you can and study a little bit of each subject,” Mercer said.

The week before midterms is the perfect time to get all of your notes and quizzes sorted in order to prepare yourself for next week and pass the daunting midterms ahead.

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